Complex and Conflicted

This is going behind a cut, mostly ’cause it ain’t really anything I’m proud of.

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In Which I Don’t Panic

No, really!


It’s stupid, really – just a throw-away sentence in a post on another blog, saying I’ve got gender issues (whoooo, shock).

I erased and typed and erased and typed and erased and typed that line probably 10 times before hitting publish. Even though probably nobody else will even pay attention to it, and a few posts sidetracking into RL from the normal content of that blog will be quickly forgotten.

But hey, I hit post.

Price differences

I’ve been wanting a packer for a while. We’ve amassed a number of ama.zon gift cards, and the wife said, only somewhat jokingly, that we should see if we can buy one there.

Well – you can!

But get this – the $24 one is listed for $30, and the $28 one for $40. Outrageous! I think we’ll find something else to spend those gift cards on…