With a bit more time to work with, I tried the binder out again on Saturday. With your notes, I lifted a bit, and also moved the girls to the sides, and it helped.

In a dress shirt, it’s definitely still a bit of a drop-off. Less so than before, but definitely more noticeable than in a t-shirt.

It’s hard to say what a properly fitting t-shirt would look like, as the more masculine ones I own are too big for me. Out of a combination of needing room for the boobs, wanting something bigger because I’d rather my more masculine shirts not be showing off my curves, and having lost a bit of weight (and, okay, perhaps a bit of stretching in there), they’re not precisely small.

Which is usually okay, because I’m not, either.

But wearing one out with the binder… it was like a TENT. It was ridiculously large.

So, I’d be interested to see what it looks like with a smaller shirt.

Meanwhile, I wore it for 6 hours, and it was totally comfortable (minus the time when I didn’t pull it back down properly after using the bathroom, and it rolled up and the edge dug into my flab. but that was easily rectified). This adds to my wondering about whether I wouldn’t be able to pull off a size smaller, given how squishy I am. Not that I’m going there any time soon. But – yes, it was a bit tricky to get on, but not difficult, and not at all uncomfortable. Which, given comments I’ve seen from other people, made me wonder.


Comfortable though it may have been, somewhere between hours 2 (when the movie I was attending was supposed to start) and 5 (when the movie I was attending let out and I was able to look at myself again), my breasts did the thing that they always do if there isn’t a brick wall separating them, and became a unified front, giving me a strange pointy lump at the front of my chest.

I’m not quite sure what to do about that – obviously when not in a theatre, I’d have more of an opportunity to use the restroom and re-adjust, but on the flip side, I probably wouldn’t want to be constantly going and re-adjusting.

Maybe I can make a foam something or other to stick between them, to try and avoid any wandering?

Surely I can’t be the only person with this issue. Off to look up more binding tips…


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